Outback NSW uses the sun to pump water

“Beam Solar was instrumental in getting our two 600 kW ground-mounted solar projects approved and successfully implemented. Beam Solar was great to work with and guided us through every step of the process to ensure the Council achieved a successful outcome.”
Victor Papierniak-Wojtowicz
Water and Sewer Manager, Cobar Shire Council

Beam Solar was engaged by Cobar Shire Council (Council) to lead the implementation of two 600 kW ground-mounted solar projects to power two bulk water pump stations.

Beam Solar was involved in every step of Council’s solar journey including Assessment and business case development. Procurement involved an Initial Offers and Final Offers round, followed by contracting with successful Supplier, Smart Commercial Solar.

Beam Solar provided project management and owner’s engineering during the construction, commissioning and Operation phases.

Cobar Shire Council | Nyngan & Hermidale, NSW | Aug 2021 | 2x 600 kW Ground Mounted Solar


Cromer Golf Club gets solar for the club house

Cromer Golf Club wanted solar on their club house but were unsure whether it was feasible, how much it should cost and who would be best placed to install it.

Beam Solar completed an Assessment to determine the optimal size and a structural assessment of the roof to confirm feasibility. We completed the Procurement process with registered Suppliers and received pricing 30% below what had been proposed by door-to-door solar salesperson.

Cromer Golf Club selected the Solar Bank with the best score which also happened to be based down the road. The project was delivered in record time.

Cromer Golf Club | Cromer, NSW | May 2021 | 99 kW Rooftop Solar


Sayfa demonstrates their gear with free solar energy

“Although I have worked with various consultants in a range of specialties, it is my first within the energy field. Beam's clarity and simplification along sound engineering lines was refreshing. To design a good system for our needs, meeting the changing incentives, requires an unbiased and thorough knowledge of the industry. We found this in Beam Solar. Our decision to use a consultant has been confirmed.”
Wilbert Thomas
Facilities Manager, Sayfa Group

Sayfa, a manufacturer and distributor of height safety and fall protection systems, wanted to install solar on the roof of their Boronia manufacturing facility to reduce costs and demonstrate their equipment.

They turned to Beam Solar to navigate the end-to-end process, from Assessment to Procurement to Operation.

The successful supplier, Smart Commercial Solar, delivered an outstanding installation and integrated Sayfa’s height safety and fall protection systems in the install.

Sayfa Group | Boronia, Vic | Feb 2021 | 99 kW Rooftop Solar


Zenith ACT Turns to Renewable Energy

“Beam Solar were very responsive and of great benefit to our organisation. Without them we would have ended up with an overpriced, underperforming system. The information they provided was clear and concise which made it easy to progress to the correct solution”
Geoffrey Swinbourne
State Manager, Zenith Interiors

Zenith Interiors were in a hurry to get solar for their new showroom in Fyshwick, ACT. We completed an Assessment of solar at the site to accommodate their current electrical load plus a new air conditioning system and future electric vehicle charger.

Because they wanted a quick outcome we ran a single round Procurement process, Initial Offers, with only locally based Suppliers invited to participate.

Zenith Interiors were able to contract with the successful Supplier, iES within two week and the project was completed six weeks later, on budget and ahead of time.

Zenith Interiors | Fyshwick, ACT | March 2020 | 32 kW Rooftop Solar


Alba Edible Oils recycles cooking oil with clean free energy

“Beam Solar did a great job of helping us get solar installed at our site. They were articulate, provided great insights and got the job done we needed”
Ashley Palmer
CEO, Alba Edible Oils

Alba Edible Oils wanted to install solar at their Hamilton Hill refinery as part of their plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the canola and tallow value chain.

Beam Solar have a long history with Alba Edible Oils, having helped them with numerous energy efficiency projects since 2016. We completed an Assessment to find the optimal solar size and then went through Procurement with Initial Offers and Final Offers (Auction) to contracting with EPC Solar, the successful Supplier.

The project was installed on time and on budget, delivering massive savings and emissions reductions to Alba Edible Oils.

Alba Edible Oils | Hamilton Hill, WA | Feb 2020 | 99 kW Rooftop Solar


Benetas powers up four aged care facilities

Beam Solar was engaged by Benetas to Assess and Procure solar PV options for their aged care facilities. We identified the four best sites for solar and the optimal solar configuration for each.

We received Initial Offers from eight Suppliers and shortlisted three suppliers for the Final Offers round. The successful Supplier was Origin Energy, and the projects were installed in 2019, on time and on budget.

Continuous real-time monitoring by Beam Solar identified an inverter fault at one of the sites that was promptly rectified by the Supplier. System performance has average 3% above estimates to date.

Benetas | Melbourne, Vic | Dec 2019 | 350 kW Rooftop Solar


The Croatian Club Brisbane powered by the sun

“Beam made it easy to get pricing and source a reliable installer for a commercial solar PV installation in another state to where I am based and was not able to visit.”
Anthony Pesec
General Manager, iES

The Croatian Club in Brisbane looked wanted solar to reduce energy costs and their emissions but didn’t have any capital available to purchase outright. They signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with iES, who paid for the solar system to be installed, in order to get the project implemented.

Under the agreement, The Croatian Club Brisbane pay for the electricity generated by the solar system, and this is much lower than the price they pay their electricity retailer, saving money every day of the year.

Beam Solar ran the Procurement process, with an Initial Offers round followed by a Reverse Auction, ensuring a high-quality installation at a low price.The successful Supplier was UV Power who delivered the project on-time and on-budget.

The Croatian Club Brisbane | Brisbane, Qld | Nov 2018 | 36 kW Rooftop Solar



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