The Beam Solar Market only accepts licensed, experienced,
reputable and financially sound suppliers.

Why become a supplier on the Beam Solar Market?


Customers are financially committed to an outcome when commencing an event.


Suppliers are rewarded for quality, experience and capacity to deliver – not just price.


Reduced workload as scoping and roof assessment are done pre-event, and a 100% online automated event process.


Our continuous feedback loop gives you insights into what customers want and how you can win more work.

All suppliers that meet our rigorous supplier registration process are welcome on the Beam Solar Market.

We’re looking for ethical, licensed and experienced solar PV and battery installers who can deliver work locally and throughout Australia.

Register as a Supplier on the Beam Solar Market

Becoming a registered supplier and participating on the Beam Solar Market is free.

We receive a commission from suppliers upon successful contracting and receipt of deposit from the customer. All commissions and fees are transparent, to you and the customer, equal amongst suppliers and reasonable for the service provided:


The first thing you will need to do is register for a supplier account here. Once you have completed your details, press the “Get Started” button.


Activate your account via the link that will be sent in the activation email. This email will be titled “Please activate your new account” and will include a unique activation link.


Once activated and logged in, you will be redirected to your dashboard and should be able to view the Beam Solar Market “Supplier Registration” event.


Once you have completed your supplier registration and submitted your answers Beam Solar will be in touch for the next steps.