Why Beam Solar Market


Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Our weighted reverse auction process scores all the components that contribute to the value of your system: warranty, defect liability, performance guarantees, contract KPIs, supplier's experience, equipment and documentation. These are weighted equally with price to ensure you contract for the best value solution, not just the cheapest.


Reliable, robust and rigorous. The process behind Beam Solar Market was developed by engineers with over 30 years’ experience helping businesses procure solar. The process ensures steps are carried out in the right order, suppliers are bidding on a well-defined system specification and there’s certainty that the project will be approved. This ensures the best outcome for the customer and reduces re-work and costs incurred by all parties


With great process comes great speed. We reduce the time required to procure solar in four ways: Suppliers are already registered on our platform; suppliers’ response times are fast because they understand our process; Our auction qualification process ensures alignment of contract terms, reducing contract negotiation and execution time.


The most experienced suppliers are on our platform. There are literally hundreds of suppliers who claim to be capable of installing solar and/or batteries at your site. Some companies are very capable, licensed, qualified, experienced, highly valued by their customers and will be around for the life of your solar system. All our suppliers have been rigorously assessed on these criteria and passed.


Suppliers trust our process. Why did the top ten suppliers register to be on Beam Solar Market? They win jobs based on the value of their solution (not just the lowest price), they trust our process and they can focus on delivering the best solutions to you. They get to focus on what they are good at and not on the myriad of sales and tender processes thrown at them.


Beam Solar Market is a customisable platform. Your specific contract terms, scope, documentation and processes are added to meet your procurement requirements. Beam Solar Market is transparent, auditable and fully documented, reducing risk and the likelihood of contract variations. A complete record of all responses, communication, bids and scoring can be viewed at any time.


Customer integrity ensures success. By understanding your requirements with Beam Assessment, confirming a system specification and completing the structural roof assessment before going to Beam Market, you get the best results from suppliers. They can focus on designing, supplying and installing your system, knowing you are committed to buying.


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