Beam offers bespoke advice and modelling
for small and large businesses relating to energy
productivity and renewable energy.

Bespoke solar & battery
consulting services

Beam’s consultants have a combined 30+
years experience consulting to businesses
across Australia and across sectors on
energy-related matters.

Our team members have worked for and advised ASX listed and international businesses, energy utilities and private companies of all sizes. They have led the implementation of multi-million dollar energy productivity and renewable energy projects.

The Beam Solar Market provides the following solar consulting services related to solar PV and energy storage:

  • Identification, sizing, optimisation and assessment of solar PV and energy storage projects, starting with the Assessment platform.
  • Identification, sizing, optimisation and assessment of solar/diesel/battery hybrid systems for off-grid deployment
  • Financial modelling, sensitivity analysis and project due diligence of large-scale projects solar PV and battery projects
  • Strategic advice on electricity, natural gas and certificate markets in relation to renewable energy project feasibility.

Energy Efficiency & Productivity

Beam has two Certified Energy Managers to provide advice on energy efficiency and energy productivity.

Our standard offerings include commercial and industrial energy audit, aligned with AS/NZS 3598.1/2:2014, through to bespoke energy productivity assessment and advice. An energy audit can improve plant/building performance, reduce operating costs and defer some capital expenditure. In addition, an energy audit and associated actions will increase the impact that solar PV and batteries have on your operation.

Choosing the right Energy Audit for your business

Through our solar consulting service, our energy audits cover electricity, natural gas and other fossil fuel use.

In addition we use our Beam Solar platform to assess solar PV and batteries for your site. There are three types of energy audit with escalating levels of rigour applied to calculations and estimates.

Beam Energy Labs can provide each of these types of energy audit.

A Type 1 energy audit will give you a good understanding of where energy is being used at your site and where the opportunities to improve are likely to be; however the cost of implementing these opportunities and the resultant savings aren’t quantified much beyond some rough numbers. If you know that you have a problem but don’t know how big it is, this is a good place to start.

A Type 2 energy audit delves a lot deeper into where energy is being used and how costs can be reduced. Costs and savings associated with implementing projects are quantified to a medium level of accuracy, which is typically enough to finalise a business case and capital approval application to implement the project.

A Type 3 precision sub-system audit goes into even more detail for specific sub-systems such as specific equipment, processes or physical areas. The level of measurement and quantification is higher and tailored to the outcomes being sought.

Type 1
Energy Audit

Type 2
Energy Audit

Deliverable Quantitative overview of site energy performance and opportunities for improvement Standard, detailed energy audit for the identification of a full suite of efficiency measures
Opportunities Low cost opportunities that can be easily implemented, and indication of the extent of more capital-intensive opportunities. Identification and evaluation of a range of coherent and specific, measurable and implementable energy saving opportunities with specific costs and benefits.
Site visit Site visit to inspect site and plant to interview key staff members and supervisors Site visit to inspect site and plant to interview key staff members and supervisors, to understand energy consumption under different circumstances
Quantification a) Low cost and easily quantifiable savings
b) More capital-intensive measures at a generic level
Energy savings opportunities quantified and specified to a medium level of accuracy
Savings Indicative or typical savings using rule of thumb, reconciled to energy end-use breakdown Indicative or typical savings using rule of thumb, reconciled to energy end-use breakdown, including impact of the categories presented in the energy end-use breakdown.
Threshold < 2 Years payback < 4 Years payback
Accuracy Broad Estimates Medium (typical)

Measurement & Verification of Savings

Energy or demand savings cannot be directly measured, because savings represent the absence of energy consumption or demand. Instead, savings are determined by comparing measured consumption or demand before and after implementation of a program, making suitable adjustments for changes in conditions. The comparison of before and after energy consumption or demand should be made on a consistent basis:

Savings = (Baseline Period Energy – Reporting Period Energy) ± Adjustments

Beam Energy Labs has two Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals working under the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) framework. We can perform measurement and verification of renewable energy and energy productivity projects. This is integrated into our process of identifying, installing and operating renewable energy and energy productivity projects.

Energy Procurement

We provide independent advice and services to help our customers navigate Australia’s electricity and gas markets.

We are not a broker and we do not take commissions for these services. Here are some of the things we do to help our customers:

  • Strategic advice on energy markets (electricity and natural gas), energy management, data management and renewable energy.
  • Electricity and natural gas procurement with two-round RFP process as fee for service.
  • Contract negotiation to extract key terms and conditions from energy retailers.

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