Get the right price from reliable and rigorously qualified suppliers

Our process is designed to ensure you have project certainty and receive the best value solution from the best suppliers in Australia.

We create an Event Brief that details all the requirements and preferences for your system and details about your site. We then invite our Registered Suppliers to submit quotes on our Beam Commercial Market platform. Our best-practise process ensures exclusions are limited and you can compare apples with apples. Quotes are summarised for you in our platform in an easy to compare format so you can make a decision.

Example Quotes

All suppliers on our platform must complete the Supplier Registration, detailing their licenses and accreditations, experience and financial health. We also request referees and these are contacted to provide feedback on the supplier. Any suppliers that don't make the cut are rejected and are not are not on the Beam Commercial platform. As such, we have the utmost confidence in our Registered Suppliers to provide you with quality and value.

Once you have reviewed your received quotes you can accept any of these or shortlist suppliers for Auction.