Solar for your business

Find out what solar will do for your sites,
understand project feasibility and procure
using our best-practice process.



We use your energy and bill data, weather-station data and satellite imagery to find the optimal solar system for your site.

What we do

We use satellite imagery to map the maximum solar system for your site(s). We then model the performance of hundreds of solar systems utilising the data from your electricity smart meter, electricity invoice and local solar output.

What you get

Extremely accurate projections of costs and benefits of every solar system configuration for your site. Drill down to see what the system will do on any hour of the year. An intuitive process to help you find the best system for your needs.

Start here if you are considering solar but want to see recommendations and their costs and benefits.


Initial Offers

We submit your chosen system and preferences
to our registered suppliers for initial offers.

What we do

Create a comprehensive brief for your preferred system and invite our registered suppliers to submit initial offers. We evaluate all initial offers with our best-practice evaluation tools and recommend suppliers for shortlisting.

What you get

The best suppliers in the industry, rigorously vetted by us, submitting initial offers for your system. Detailed evaluation of initial offers presented in our platform so you can clearly understand who is offering the best solution.

Start here if you know what system to get and want initial offers from our registered suppliers.


Before proceeding to final offers we coordinate
the checks and approvals you need to ensure
your project goes ahead.

Completing these tasks before contracting gives you the certainty that your project can go-ahead in the form you want and get the best price when contracting.

We facilitate completion of these tasks through our expert partners with the costs passed through to the successful supplier.

  • Structural Roof Assessment
  • Electrical Assessment
  • Local government approval
  • Grid connection application

Final Offers

Registered suppliers compete in a best and final offers round or a weighted reverse auction, ensuring quality and value

What we do

You can choose a best and final offers round or a weighted reverse auction for suppliers to contract you system. We host shortlisted suppliers at your site for inspection and run a detailed final offers qualification to score suppliers on all the important details in their solution.

What you get

Contract as an outright purchase, power purchase agreement (PPA), finance or lease. The best suppliers in the industry competing to win your project. Alignment of your needs with supplier contracts, ensuring you get the best value system, balancing quality and price.

You are ready to purchase and want to use the best-practice procurement process to get a quality solution at a great price.


After contracting your system we ensure it is delivered on time and to specification, reducing
the need for your staff to project manage.

Adding these services to your project ensures it is delivered on time and to specification.

We facilitate completion of these tasks through our expert partners with the costs passed through to the successful supplier.

  • Project Management
  • Owner's Engineer
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Monitoring

How We Compare

Beam Solar significantly out-performs traditional
commercial solar procurement approaches:

Assessment Traditional Beam Solar
Number of solar / battery business cases modelled 1 > 100
Results and recommendations Static PDF Report Dynamic Online Platform
Time to complete assessment Weeks Seconds
Accuracy of capital cost Estimate Guaranteed
Typical cost of service – $ Thousands Much Less – Get Started
Initial Offers Traditional Beam Solar
Participating Suppliers Arbitrary Pre-registered and qualified
Project brief Limited – supplier decides what’s best Detailed – choose what you want
Evaluation of offers Slow, painful, subjective, opaque, desktop and a shambles Fast, objective and transparent
Outcome Offer acceptance only Accept or get final offers
Final Offers Traditional Beam Solar
Supplier site inspection Optional Mandatory
Process RFP only – only one price submitted Online process for multiple bids
Supplier selection Price and subjective criteria Weighted BAFO or Reverse Auction
Contract negotiation Additional time and money Integrated into process


Know the costs and benefits
of solar from an independent source

Assessing your commercial solar needs is not as simple as reading your energy bill.

Our advanced cloud-based platform ingests readily available information about your site that we source for you, including:

  • Half-hourly electricity data (NEM12) from your electricity retailer
  • Electricity price information from a current electricity invoice
  • Hourly solar irradiance data from nearby weather stations

Using aerial photography we configure the solar arrays that will fit on your site’s roof (and nearby land that you own if applicable) including the tilt and azimuth (direction) of these arrays.

We then simulate hundreds of solar PV and battery combinations for your site on an hourly basis for a year. We model all systems from zero solar panels and batteries, to the theoretical maximum solar and battery solution. This simulation calculates the capital cost, annual savings and financial return from each commercial solar system – giving you a detailed and thorough business case to help your business make the best decision when it comes to investing in solar.

You can view a summary of results for the site in question, ranked from best to worst, and drill down to see just how each solar system would impact your site’s energy use and costs on an annual, monthly, daily and hourly basis.

  • Solar 99 kW
  • Battery 0 kWh
  • Cost to Implement $99,880
  • Annual Savings $23,119
  • Payback 4 Years

Initial Offers

Get the right price from reliable and
rigorously qualified suppliers

Our process is designed to ensure you have project certainty and receive the best value solution from the best suppliers in Australia.

We create an Event Brief that details all the requirements and preferences for your system and details about your site. We then invite our Registered Suppliers to submit offers on our Beam Solar Market. Our best-practice process ensures exclusions are limited and you can compare apples with apples. Initial offers are summarised for you in our platform in an easy to compare format so you can make a decision.

All suppliers on our platform must complete the Supplier Registration, detailing their licenses and accreditations, experience and financial health. We also request referees and these are contacted to provide feedback on the supplier. Any suppliers that don't make the cut are rejected and are not are not on the Beam Solar Market. As such, we have the utmost confidence in our Registered Suppliers to provide you with quality and value.

Once you have reviewed your initial offers you can accept any of these or shortlist suppliers for final offers

Final Offers

Get the best value with a best and final offers
round or weighted reverse auction.

Our final offers process scores all the components that contribute to the value of your system.

When you’re ready to procure commercial solar you can choose to run a best and final offers round or weighted reverse auction. Suppliers participate in the Beam Solar Market to ensure you get the best value and quality available.

The final offers round is configured based on your preferences. Beam defines the technical details of your selected system and you specify any requirements relating to your site and business. Also, you can choose whether to prioritise price or quality.

You can choose between a best and final offers structure, where suppliers submit their firm and binding best price, or a weighted reverse auction in whichsuppliers continue to bid until only one supplier remains with the best bid.

There are three stages to the final offers round:

Stage 1: Suppliers are invited to participate in the final offers round and must attend a mandatory site visit (for systems >100 kW).

Stage 2: Suppliers complete a Qualification questionnaire that includes proposed equipment specifications, warranties, design and installation, project documentation, safety and approvals. All responses are scored and weighted within the platform to be combined with the final offer pricing.

Stage 3: For the best and final offers structure, suppliers submit their price and we combine that with scores in the qualification questionnaire to make a recommendation to you.

For the weighted reverse auction structure, the auction takes place in a fifteen-minute window with auto-extend if bids are received in the last two minutes. The bid price is combined with score in the qualification questionnaire to determine a supplier’s rank in the auction. The auction ends with the top-ranked supplier being successful, ensuring the best value system based on their final bid price and score.